MENT™ Protocol

The Science of MENT™

The MENT™ Protocol (Migraine Elimination through Neuroindividual Therapies) is based on scientific research and empirical evidence to improve cognition, reduce nervous system stimuli, and restore your health.

Eighteen Weeks

The MENT™ Protocol is a self-paced, classroom-style learning platform.

Nine Modules

Content is released each week teaching you specific methods to address symptoms, headache types, and triggers.

One Goal

The goal of the MENT™ Protocol is to help you design a lifestyle that helps you reduce your pain and suffering.

Three Pillars of Relief

Your genetic makeup can provide valuable insights into your health and wellbeing. Our approach is helping you recognize trends within your biology and equipping you with the proper information to determine how to proceed on your health journey.

It is common for individuals who suffer from neurological disorders to experience anger, anxiety, depression, and relationship problems.


Our innovative, research-proven psychological techniques are at the core of our program to ensure each individual will experience a positive breakthrough.


We equip severe sufferers with the tools and support to feel comfortable about who they are and what they are going through, so that they may be able to give their unique body the space it requires to recover.

We know that 85% of healthcare claims costs are due to an individuals lifestyle. Learning what lifestyle habits and behaviors are beneficial to your unique body can be a challenging task, which is why we have created an 18-week coaching program.


It is our objective to help severe sufferers and highly-symptomatic individual recognize the habits required to become healthy and empower them accordingly.

MENT™ Broken Down

Each user will experience an interactive, fully-responsive classroom with new modules releasing bi-weekly. The MENT™ Protocol is designed to help severe sufferers create a customized care path integrating sustainable habits to improve the overall quality of life.


Virtual seminars discussing the main module concepts and learning points.

Teaching Calls

A 50-minute live call, discussing how to apply the learning to your daily life through practical tools and daily habits.


Visual aids focused on specialized content, giving you additional information to consider and practical tools to put into practice.


Check on your progress to help see how you are advancing through the process. Assists you in visualizing to avoid plateaus.


Short videos to help you stop, think, and reflect on the process and your journey. Supports you in achieving breakthroughs.


Discussions with thought leaders for expert insights and opinions to help you take your healing to the next level.


Additional content to expand upon topics with suggestions on how to implement in daily life.

Social Share

Opportunities to share personal experiences through social media outlets.

The Scope of Our Data

Headache Types