Lifestyle techniques and healthy habits to rebuild your body and control your nervous system.


Customized approach to therapies that strengthen, support, and enhance your body's healing potential.


Create and follow a recovery plan based on your unique health profile and Neuroindividuality™


Create Your Own Care Path

Because each body is as unique as a fingerprint, there are millions of combinations to consider. Learn how to create a care path that is designed specifically for your headache types, symptoms, and triggers.

Symptom free in 64 days

I eliminated all concussion symptoms with the concepts taught by Head Health. Thank you for helping me get my life back!

Tony C.

First Christmas without Migraines

Working with Head Health accelerated my healing process. We achieved important breakthroughs which have resulted in relief from my migraine headaches. I am now in control of my healing!


291 Days Without A Migraine

Migraines forced me to quit my dream job. I was a chronic migraine sufferer for 7 years. With the help of Head Health and coaching from Anthony, I am free. Healing is possible!


It is possible!

After suffering from chronic daily migraines for 16 years, I am free and loving life! If you stick to the process Head Health can help you too. Thank you!!


The Future of Integrative Care

The MENT™ Protocol is the only program designed for migraines and headaches to help you identify the root cause of your pain and determine which lifestyle choices are best suited for you.

Don't Be Another Statistic

You were created to live abundantly, not sick and suffering!


Migraine negatively impacts a sufferer's ability to work.

Quality of Life

Report a reduction in life, social events, and education.


Have two or more prescription products on hand.


Migraine and headache pain is so severe requiring bed rest.